Srta lara!!!!


Because I am so disappointed by the quality of a blog I just saw, however it is forgiven because it was a tumblr. I have been inspired to restart mine again. Enjoy this photo of Srta Lara,my infamous spanish 1 teacher from freshman year, and her boyfriend enjoying dinner (until the SYVUHS girls golf team arrived )

You can see her in the back. My camera didn’t focus very well because Coach Smith watched me take the picture. I had to be discreet!


NSLC Final Presentation

Sleepy Suvra

“napping” in the TA meeting room.



Look a Like

A lot of people here look like people back home. See if you recognize any! That’s Berkeley Day 5

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(More to be added later)

Asian Tyler

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Genuine Bonding today with Asian Tyler. That was Berkeley Day 4.

Berkeley Day 2

I had Peet’s this morning after breakfast. Excellent customer service.

 Lamarr was explaining the best way to make a mocha.

Hey guys…………..

I had to awkwardly third wheel these two for about an hour because I had to wait for Michael to show up…


What a cute couple.